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Acer launches the world’s First 360 video camera with built-in LTE


Acer held its annual international press conference in New York City on Thursday and then once more announced a boatload of new laptops, gaming laptops, all-in-one PCs, as well as a brand new generic fitness-focused smartwatch.

They are all nice and in many circumstances, slimmer and more faster than their predecessors. However, the largest surprise item was the company’s Holo 360, the world’s 1st 360-degree/VR camera with built-in LTE.

Acer’s CEO Jason Chen was rather proud the Holo 360 does not need connection with a smartphone, and in some cases boasted about its ability to make phone calls. I am not positive why you’d need to make a call from a 360-degree camera, but it’s OK.

Appearing like some type of point-and-shoot camera, but with two spherical lenses on the upper side, the Holo 360 will also be the first 360 camera to possess a built-in screen – so you are able to view what you’re recording, since you remember, the no telephone connection point. Acer states the camera operates on Android but didn’t present further details on which version.

Aside from also getting built-in Wi-Fi and what looks just like the capability to share media to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest (images and videos are shareable to all of those platforms, but not all of them support 360-degree content material), Acer’s not actually sharing a great deal else.

The firm didn’t have the Holo 360 for viewing. We, therefore, have no clue what how huge or small it is, how well it operates, the resolution it records 360 video in, if it’ll enable 360 streaming or not, how much it’ll will cost, or when it’ll be available. Generally we know almost nothing at all.

The built-in LTE is appealing, no doubt, but without trying it there is just no means to know if it is comparable or superior to Samsung’s second-generation Gear 360 camera, or any 360 customer camera that is already accessible.


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