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Alibaba’s Jack Ma Speech in Nairobi


Alibaba’s Jack Ma Speech in Nairobi

Jack Ma the executive chairman of the Alibaba Group, the world’s largest retailer, made his first trip to Africa Yesterday. He made his first stop in Nairobi, Kenya.

Today Jack Ma addressed entrepreneurs and small business owners at the University of Nairobi, Chandaria Centre for Performing Arts. He spoke about the value of constant learning and the power of the internet and how when the two are combined they can be used to solve the day to day challenges facing our continent.

“You’ve to get used to failure. If you can’t, then how can you win,” he said during the public lecture in Nairobi.

Jack Ma is on a two-day trip to Kenya and then proceeds to Rwanda, where he will also be speaking to African entrepreneurs. He is the Special Advisor for the Youth Entrepreneurship and Small businesses to the United Nations Conference on Trade Development (UNCTAD).

Jack Ma also met the President, Uhuru Kenyatta, at the state house accompanied by Chinese billionaires, real estate tycoons and investors. This will provide a further partnership between China and Africa with China having the largest foreign direct investment in Arica in 2016.

Jack Ma rose from an underdog to become one of the world’s richest men. He says that he struggled to go to college, failed the admission exam three times and had failed 30 jobs application before he started Alibaba from his apartment. He says that he was rejected so many times that he got used to it. Ma stated that he started Alibaba with 18 people but right now Alibaba has 56,000 people.

“Young age is the best opportunity. Don’t be scared of failure,” Jack MA said to the young entrepreneurs in Nairobi.


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