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The Best Free Video Editing Applications for Smartphones

In this era of smartphones everyone in shooting videos or trying to create a slideshow of their photos. You can share the videos immediately, or you can add some effects to make it more appealing. The are a number of applications available today that can help you better your videos.

Here are our 4 best applications to use on your phone;

  1. GoPro Quik

This application is available for both android and iOS gadgets.

GoPro provides an easy and fast way to generate videos automatically. You can add up to 200 images from your gallery. It has more than 20 video effects and provides you with unique transitions, fonts and graphics. It also adds music to your video and will often produce beautiful end results.

The main advantages of using this application are that it’s totally offline and there are no in-app purchases.

  1. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

The application is available for both android and iOS devices.

The application has 3 straightforward steps to making videos;

  • Choose the photos and videos you want to use
  • Select a style that best fits your story i.e. Dance, travel
  • Choose a soundtrack and let Magisto make a video for you

The application requires internet as videos are created in the app servers and therefore, slow internet might disappoint you.

It is free to download and use although videos come with the company logo displayed at the end. A monthly subscription fee is required in order to access premium services such as the number of photos used or adjust the length of the video.

  1. Apple Clips

This application is only available in the apple store.

The application is a bit complex than the other two discussed above. It makes videos video’s fun to share by adding emojis, animated texts, graphics and music.

The app allows you to mute the audio, determine the length of the video and reorder images. You can record your voice while making a video and the app will transliterate the text and put it on the video.

Its effects range from comic book look, animated speech bubbles and you can add emojis on top of any photo or video.

  1. Videorama

The application is only available for iOS devices.

The app has very powerful features only available in the professional applications. You can trim, scale and join photos & videos to make a sensational movie. You can also add animated texts and choose a font from the 50+ available ones.

You can apply some of the advanced effects such as tornadoes, explosions and magic spell. The app autosaves your projects as you continue to work.

The application is free to download but to access all its features you have to pay for the in-app purchases.

Try any of them and let us have your feedback.

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