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Everyone Hates the new Twitter Update


And We have Another annoying Twitter Update

Twitter is one social media company that keeps attempting to improve and keeps failing. This week they have released a new function: replies no longer count against the 140 character limit, thus enabling users to carry on conversations with several people today without the need of worrying whose account names is taking up all of the space allotted for their tweets.

Like most Twitter updates, this is a function that appears good on the surface. After all, it can be annoying when putting all the account names in a conversation leaves you with only sufficient space to add only a few words. Then you contemplate on it for one second and realize that it is terrible. Users complained that the new update removed a lot of the names tagged in the conversation. As a result making it difficult to keep track of who was involved in it. Twitter beta-tested this update quite a few months ago, which was not well received. Unfortunately, it has returned.

This is not the first update on Twitter that has received extensive negative feedback.Users are always complaining that it isn’t the function they wanted. The platform users have been waiting forever for the ability to edit tweets and get rid of the grammar Nazis.

The new update main advantage is the ability to hold conversations with a number of users as there are no character limits. Although this is not the case and it is being exploited negatively. Some users have realized that they can add numerous accounts onto tweets as there is no character limit to hold them back which ends up creating a chain of unwanted conversations. Reports show that the numbers of accounts that can fit in one tweet are about 50.

Apparently, it’s possible to take someone out of the Twitter conversations, though it is not very clear: click the link for “others” to have a list of persons integrated inside a conversation and then uncheck those that are begging to jump out.



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