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Fitbit’s Smartwatch Release will be Delayed


Fitbit’s primed to ultimately break out on the fitness tracking vertical with a smartwatch built for mass appeal. However, the company’s apparently obtaining a tough time even bringing a device to the beginning line. A report from Yahoo states that Fitbit had difficulties developing the smartwatch that the launch was moved from spring to later in the year as per sources acquainted with the matter.

The report says the smartwatch is going to be made of aluminum using with a GPS chip, heart-rate monitor, the capacity for touchless payments, Pandora music compatibility, and up to four days of battery life. The style is, by one particular source, “definitely not attractive,” and derives its cues from the company’s try at a fitness smartwatch.Fitbit’s reportedly obtaining challenges with the device’s GPS signal and waterproofing, which would be a major blow to the watch – especially using the company’s rep for activity tracking – as compared to other smartwatches in the market.

If Fitbit is having problems together with the smartwatch, it isn’t from a lack of finances. The company acquired the software program and firmware intellectual assets of Vector and Pebble, two smartwatch makers, in high-profile deals. Notably, the GPS and waterproofing challenges both appear like they are challenges arising from the smartwatch’s hardware – which reportedly wasn’t a part of the package in either from the acquisitions.

The delay could hurt Fitbit’s opportunity to make a massive dent in the smartwatch market. As opposed to taking advantage with the whole spring and summer season to entice workout freaks and more casual smartwatch fans to choose new line. The business will alternatively be forced to release the device suitable when the Apple Watch Series 3 is set to come in the market. The report also described a set of Fitbit-branded Bluetooth earbuds could also be released the the same time as the watch.

A Fitbit rep offered very little when reached for comments. “We know there is a great deal of interest in our entry into the smartwatch category,” they stated through e-mail. “We do not have news to share at this time and usually do not comment on rumors or speculation.”



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