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How to Get YouTube’s New Look and Dark Mode

How to Get YouTube’s New Look and Dark Mode

Youtube has a new look and feel. The new look is not just regarding the dark mode. It is also an entirely new style for YouTube. That signifies Google is applying the Material Design and style observed on its other platforms. Within this case, the navigation buttons get moved around a little bit so that you will do almost everything from the navigation bar placed on the left as opposed to both the navigation bar as well as all the tabs in the top. Otherwise, points are pretty much the same as they have been previously, even though a bit snappier to utilize.

All you must do to allow the new mode is head to youtube.com/new; then you may opt into the new style. When you are there, click your profile icon (or the three line icon if you are not logged in). You then click on Dark Theme to enable it. You may also click on Restore classic YouTube to return for the old look for those who do not like the new design.

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