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Google Maps, Amazon, and eBay secretly stopped supporting Apple Watch


Need to have far more proof that smartwatches are doomed? A number of internet giants, like Google, Amazon, and eBay, discreetly dropped support for Apple Watch in a number of their apps in recent weeks.

But there was no significant riot on social media, and we’re only mastering this now since it seems several people in fact use (or miss) these apps.

The trend was noticed by AppleInsider, which claims Google Maps stopped supporting Apple Watch in recent weeks, whereas Amazon and eBay dropped Apple Watch assistance in late April. And some other organizations, such as Target, also launched a brand new version of their iOS app sans support for the Watch. At this moment, in case you open any of these companies’ apps on Apple’s store, you will not see the option that says “Offers Apple Watch App for iPhone.”

So what’s taking place? It is unclear; Google responded to AppleInsider, saying that Google Maps will return to the Watch in the future, but provided no reason for the move. None of the firms published any sort of announcement for the shift.

It is probable that a brand new version of watchOS, which might be launched at this year’s WWDC in June, brings changes that will clarify even though all these organizations have (temporarily?) left the platform. But it really is nevertheless indicative that there was no web outrage about some of the largest online businesses leaving Apple’s smartwatch platform. The simplest explanation for this can be that extremely few customers seriously utilized these apps on their Watch.

We’ve contacted Google, Amazon, and eBay concerning the shift and will update the post when we hear from them.


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