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How to Advertise on Facebook


For anyone in business, advertising is everything. The bigger the number you can reach in advertising the better. Facebook is one of the biggest social media applications in the world and it boasts 1.86 billion active monthly users making it a prime point to advertise your business.

Facebook advertising is one of the best and most flexible adverting tools available at the moment. It allows the user to customize their adverts, target a specific audience and the cost will depend on the reach and engagement the advert gets. The Facebook adverts appear on the user newsfeed or right column of Facebook.

Six Steps of Advertising on Facebook

1. Create a page for your business on Facebook

You need a facebook page to be able to advertise. In creating a page, you are required to state the category of the page i.e.  local person or business, brand or product

This helps potential customers in finding you for your campaigns.

2. Choose an objective

If you already have a Facebook page you can proceed to advertise. On the menu on the left side of your Facebook account, you will see a ‘Create Ads’ option.

Your objective can range from engagement, brand awareness, traffic and conversions.

If you are selling products then engagement is the best objective to use.

3. Choose your target audience

This is critical since it affects your adverts success greatly.

You can personalize your audience based on their gender, age bracket, language, behavior or interests.

4. Choose the amount you want to spend

You can either choose a daily budget or a lifetime budget. A daily amount is a maximum amount you wish to spend daily while a lifetime budget is a total amount you want to spend over that advertising period.

You also have to choose the duration that you want your advert to run i.e. 3 days, 8 days. You can also schedule the hours of the day you prefer your ads to run.

5. Choose the page post you want to boost

You select a post from the already existing ones on the page. Make sure it is the page post with the items you want to advertise.Place your order

6. Place your order

When you have selected the right post, click on the green button written ‘Place Order.’ The advert you have placed will be submitted for review to the Facebook team. You will be notified via mail once Facebook has reviewed and approved the adverts.

You will repeat this procedure for any other subsequent posts you want to advertise on facebook. You can boost more than one post on your page.


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