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How to disable Netflix Autoplay


Nothing sets off a good binge-viewing session like Netflix’s autoplay function.

Although, at times the function, which automatically begins the following episode as the prior one is wrapping up, is far more of a nuisance than an assistance.

Whether you feel it really is annoying or you’re just trying to kick your binge-watching habit, there’s a simple means to disable the feature.
Officially referred to as “post-play,” auto-playing is enabled by default (thanks Netflix, for allowing our binge-watching habit). It appears a little distinct on each device, but you’ll notice when it’s enabled mainly because you are going to see anything like this after the credits start out rolling.

To disable these auto-playing videos, you’ll have to have to adjust your playback settings.

Head to your main account settings, scroll down to “my profile” and choose “playback settings.” From there, scroll down upto the bottom, come across “auto-play” and uncheck the box that says “play subsequent episode automatically.”

Be certain to save your settings once you’ve unchecked the box and that is all you’ve got to accomplish. When you use a Netflix account with several profiles, it’s important to note that the playback settings will only be changed for the profile. So if you need to modify them for multiple profiles, you will have to have to repeat this procedure for every single one.


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