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iPhone 8 Release could be delayed because of this Feature

One of the specs expected in the new iPhone 8 is actually a fingerprint sensor placed below the phone’s glass exterior. The outcome would be an even sleeker, seamless design and, presumably, additional space for the iPhone’s screen display.

Having said that, in accordance with a new Pacific Crest Securities analyst report, the virtual home button might be presenting Apple element partners some problems. Due to this, you’ll find now concerns that the feature could result in a delay or be excluded so that Apple’s device launches on time.”The anticipated move to a full-screen OLED panel in the upcoming iPhone 8/X dismisses the physical home button, which requires a shift to a virtual home button and an optical fingerprint sensing option to read fingerprints using the OLED panel,” the report, released Sunday, states.

“At this point, we usually do not think Apple’s optical fingerprint module provider has firm orders for production, which suggests Apple doesn’t have functionality of your optical fingerprint sensor ready. Furthermore, we think Apple has evaluated Synaptic’s (SYNA) optical fingerprint remedy, but that it has not been certified.” As usual, this and all other iPhone rumors (particularly this far out from release) need to be taken with some level of skepticism. Apple normally has a couple of surprises up its sleeve, and virtually in no way confirms or denies iPhone rumors, no matter whether they’re positive or unfavorable.

Nonetheless, the Pacific Crest Securities analyst note also warns, “While this creates some risk of production delays, at this point we do not think it materially threatens volume through the coming iPhone cycle.”

This is the newest iPhone 8 rumor hinting at a likely delay, with earlier rumors mentioning feasible troubles with all the device’s OLED panels and also a separate 3D-sensing technique.

Apple’s new iPhone is anticipated to be released in September

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