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iPhone 8 rumors claim we might only be getting 2 phones this year


The iPhone 8 rumors are cropping one after the other; this could possibly be the saddest news for the iPhone users since they will not have a variety to choose from.

According to most investors as well as suppliers, the most constant news is that Apple is preparing three new iPhones for 2017. One is the deluxe iPhone 8 (or Edition, or X), which will have a curved OLED screen and other brand new style upgrades, and also the 7S and 7S Plus, which are anticipated to be only slightly improved versions of the present iPhone 7.

The three model release plan may possibly now be a murky after a new rumor from Chinese tech blog Micgadget, which was 1st spotted by MacRumors. The blog, which features a spotty track record, claims Apple will only bring two iPhone models to the marketplace this year.

That statement, which disputes practically just about every report we’ve heard about Apple’s plans since last December, stems from new data Micgadget says it came from “friends from Foxconn,” which is one of the Appleā€™s manufacturing partners. The New iPhone 8 and significant iPhone8 plus are the two phones which both have new technologies and also a dual camera setup.

Earlier this week, a “dummy model” from the iPhone 8 emerged, claiming to become based on schematics leaked from a supply inside Foxconn. The dummy model, panes were made of glass, and stainless steel which was similar to that of the original iPhone that was used a decade ago along with a vertically-oriented dual camera within the back and no visible residence button.

Most of the reports reveal that there could be a possible delay in the production of the deluxe iPhone8 which could be as a result from the supply chains hang-ups to problems within the design, mainly the challenge of removing the home button and integrating it into the new OLED show. This makes Micgadget’s report despite sketchy; could hold a kernel of truth.

If that’s the case, it may be achievable that the specs for only two of the 3 iPhones have been finalized, and the final style for the deluxe model has yet to be delivered. We’ll see what takes place when Apple unveils the new iPhones later this year – no matter whether you will find 2 or 3.


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