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What you need to Say When Calling 911 on a mobile Phone


The very first Point You’ll need to Say When Calling 911 on a Mobile Phone

Inside the frenzy of a real emergency, it can be tough to think straight. Yes, it’s important to provide your name and explain the scenario after you contact 911, but there are some points you ought to inform them very first if you’re calling from a mobile phone, just in case.

Whenever you dial 911 having a cell phone, your call gets picked up by a nearby emergency services call center referred to as a public safety answering point (PSAP). They take down your details and then dispatch emergency personnel to your location. But often the scenario might not play the way it’s supposed to.An expert explains that one could be for the reason that mobile phones are never tied down to a fixed location or address like landlines, therefore making them hard to track down. Communication authorities say they might be able to see the location of your nearest cell tower, but that is not adequate to pinpoint where you are. And time lost tracking you down may be the difference between life and death. On top of that, some wireless carriers have had issues with emergency calls in the past. Not too long ago, the customers of the Communication giant AT&T  in 14 states were unable to make emergency calls to 911 for several hours. The outage also affected Verizon Wireless in 2014.

Nevertheless, emergency calls are also as prone to drops, outages, caller ID confusion, and other mobile phone concerns as any other call. That’s why, once you contact 911 with your mobile phone, your exact location and your telephone number are the first bit of information and details you give just in case you get disconnected. Even if something happens, then some emergency personnel can be dispatched to exactly where you are located and they can contact you if need be.


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