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It’s now Possible to Order and Pay for Subway in Facebook Messenger


Subway and partner MasterCard announced this week the availability of a Subway ordering chat bot for Facebook Messenger – one of various mobile payment-enabled food-based chatbots, including ones for Fresh Direct and the Cheesecake Factory.
Together with the new chat bot, Facebook Messenger customers can create their ideal Subway sandwich and complete the order with MasterCard’s Masterpass.
Within a press conference on the news, MasterCard stated that the chat bot was produced to communicate with customers “like a friend” and in an “authentic manner.”

Through the demo we saw, the bot asked inquiries like “Wanna get toasty?” and, in shifting for the cheese choice portion from the order, said: “Let’s get cheesy.”

However, the enterprise’s reasons for inserting fast-food chat bots into Messenger are sound. Facebook Messenger at present has 1.2 billion users. Individuals would rather chat than use fast food chain apps. Now they could generate the sandwich and comprehensive the order when still in Messenger.

Fresh Direct chat bot will also be released later this year and they’ve realized mobile usage increase of 42 % year-over-year. “In the absence of physical stores, bots permit us to provide the Fresh Direct tone inside a higher touch format,” said a Fresh Direct spokesperson.

MasterCard chose to begin with meals service partners for Masterpass integration simply because traditional retail, with its multitudes of diverse departments and products are, for now, too complicated for the chat bot atmosphere.

Whilst you may engage in a lengthy conversation together with the Chat Bot about your sandwich options, MasterCard noted that, in case you have a standard order, it could sooner or later be boiled down into an emoji. Contemplate how rapidly you might get your Subway then.

The platform also supports group messaging orders and can even support group chat members split up the bill.

You can find some caveats. The Masterpass app nevertheless needs that customers place in a password for each and every transaction. There is no alternative for biometric identification (thumbprint, iris, face) but MasterCard says they’re working on it.


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