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Play Pac-Man on Google Maps this April Fools

Play Pac-Man on Google Maps this April Fools

April Fools’ Day is usually an excellent time to stay off the web. The tired jokes, outrage-baiting hoaxes and humorless “pranks” are undesirable adequate in the ideal of instances, but in an era exactly where we deal with fake news every day? No, thank you.

Fortunately, this year Google is supplying something slightly diverse: wholesome entertaining. For the next day or so, should you open Google Maps, you will have the option to play the classic Ms. Pac-Man with real-life streets serving as your maze. To toggle the game, just look for the “Insert Coin” icon within the bottom left corner of one’s screen, and whatever location of the world you happen to be looking at will be quickly transformed.

The gameplay is pretty much precisely as you recall it, although because your laptop or smartphone does not have a joystick, you make use of the arrow keys to move about – and if you combine two different arrows, you can move diagonally. A tip? Play in a city where the streets mostly resemble some type of grid. Mainly because in case you play out inside a rural region, there’s nowhere to hide from ghosts.

This is similar to 2015 when Google let their users play Pac-Man on their maps. As opposed to the Pac-Man integration from 2015’s prank, it doesn’t change your recent location into your game level. Alternatively, you are taken to a random place on the earth and get five lives to outrun the ghosts. Although, some users are claiming that this year’s version lets you pick the map.

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