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Safaricom Introduces the FLEX Bundles

Safaricom, the biggest telecommunication company in Kenya, has rolled out a new service branded FLEX bundles. FLEX bundles will be the all-new flexible strategy to browse, call and SMS quickly and conveniently with only 1 bundle. FLEX Units also present you extra value every single time you send revenue making use of M-PESA.

How to Subscribe to FLEX Bundles
To subscribe, use your airtime to buy FLEX Bundles by dialing *100# or *200#. The Flex units may well then be employed for internet data, local voice and local SMS.

Value of FLEX
Get as much as 35% more value using the flexibility to make use of your FLEX Bundles between information, voice and SMS. What’s far more, for each chargeable M-PESA ‘send money’ transaction, you may get 3 no cost FLEX Units. This means you are able to now use them to make far more calls, browse far more on line or send more SMS’.

How to use your FLEX Bundles

Flex Units that come with the FLEX bundles can be utilized for data, voice and SMS as follows;

i. 1 FLEX Unit is equal to 3MBs when browsing the internet.
ii. 3 FLEX Units are equal to a minute or 1 FLEX Unit is equal to 20 Sec talking time when calling.
iii. 1 FLEX Unit is equal to 3 SMS’s when texting

FLEX Bundle Plans

  • Daily Bundle: The can either be Daily 50 or Daily 99. The Daily 50 costs sh. 50 and comprises of 50 flex units which are valid for 24 hours. The daily 99 costs sh. 99 and comes with 115 flex units which are also valid for 24 hours.
  • Weekly Bundle: The weekly 599 costs sh. 599 and comes with 700 flex units which are valid for 7 days.
  • Monthly Bundle: The monthly 2499 costs sh. 2,499 and comes with 3100 flex units which are valid for 30 days.

All the bundles can be Auto-renewed.


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