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Samsung New App will keep you from Texting and Driving


We all know we seriously shouldn’t text and drive. But temptation is strong and from time to time getting back to somebody immediately feels extra significant than anything else. It is not, needless to say, but it’s a feeling that can be hard to shake, even if we know it’s risky.

For this reason Samsung is working on a new app that could respond to text messages for you when you are driving. The app is called In-Traffic Reply and it will automatically respond to text messages when you are within the car or truck or riding a bike. The application depends on phone sensors and GPS to ascertain when you’re within a moving automobile or bike and can send a preset reply to incoming texts.

The app that is in the process of being tested in the Netherlands allows you to choose two set of replies suitable now. The default “I’m driving, so I can’t answer at the moment” responses or you’ll be able to choose a “fun” response with some sort of animation (I seriously hope it is a GIF). When it launches, Samsung plans to let users create a customized canned response also.
Exactly how this works is unclear. Samsung’s statement on the app does not reveal how the app would distinguish among drivers and passengers. Although, this very simple functionality could go a lengthy way toward stopping texting and driving.

Road accidents deaths are on the rise in the Usa and smartphone-enabled distractions could possibly be no less than partially to blame. Despite this, handful of tech corporations do something to explicitly discourage users from employing their services when they’re in their vehicles.


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