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Samsung Self-driving Cars will soon be in the Streets

The race to make self-driving cars just got a bit more crowded.

Samsung Electronics Co. is taking its autonomous automobile system out and onto the street, following an arrangement by the South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to let the corporation to test its sensor-laden cars on public roads.

The Korea Herald reports that the approval was announced on May 1 and is preceded by the Ministry’s selection to permit practically 20 other companies to test a variety of autonomous vehicles similarly.

“Self-driving vehicles require the collaboration of numerous cutting-edge technologies in the automobile, artificial intelligence and info-communication areas,” the ministry said in a statement picked up by the Herald.

Little is out regarding the Samsung automobiles themselves – apart from the fact that they are actually Hyundais. That’s mainly because in contrast to some other makers of autonomous autos, just like the quickly expanding Tesla, Samsung decided not to create its own vehicles from the ground up. Rather, within the exact same way that Apple layers its self-driving technologies on Lexus SUVs, Samsung seems to have taken the route of affixing its sensors to third-party vehicles.

Interestingly, Hyundai Motor Co. was granted approval to test its own self-driving cars on public South Korean streets in February of 2016 – even though presumably this can be an unrelated effort.

But back to Samsung. Apparently not content material to battle it out with just smartphones, Samsung’s push into self-driving tech puts it on but a different collision course with competitor Apple. Apple’s self-driving car system has been approved for testing on California public roads by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. A vehicle believed to be an Apple auto was not too long ago spotted inside the wild.

Nonetheless, don’t expect a demolition derby with actual Apple and Samsung cars. As Slash Gear notes, Samsung plans to focus on supplying self-driving vehicle suppliers with necessary autonomous-vehicle elements. This indicates it really is unlikely that the corporation sees a future where Samsung-branded vehicles are selecting children up from soccer practice or driving seniors in town.

And so whilst we might indeed be only two years away from being in a position to nap in self-driving autos, never count on it to become a Samsung automobile taking you for that late-night ride. On the other hand, the decision to test the company’s self-driving systems on South Korean public roads implies that Samsung technology could possibly quite properly soon play an essential role in generating sure you arrive safely at your location.

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