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How to Search by Image on Google


How to Search by Image on Google

Everyone has now mastered how to use the Google search option. Most people also know how to find images on the internet. Although not everyone knows about the search by image option, that can be very helpful. Sometimes you may want to find the source of some images or maybe you found an image online and you want to get a higher definition version of it. Or you have a picture of a desk and you want to buy a similar one. These are the different scenarios where Google’s search by image can be helpful.

The following are the steps that you will use on your PC;

  1. Open the Google Search by Image tab.
  2. Click on the camera icon that appears in the search box
  3. The first Option is you paste the URL of the image and click search by image
  4. The other option is you click upload image, then choose the file. Then you upload the image stored on your computer
  5. When you upload the image you’ll see similar pictures, websites that have those pictures and you can also click on More sizes to find different resolutions of the same picture.

Search by image is also available on mobile phones but there is a bit of technicality to access all the features. By default, the search by image page of mobile phones doesn’t show the camera icon.

These are the steps to help you;

  1. Open the Google Search by image page.
  2. You will have to find the Request desktop site feature on your browser.
  3. On Safari browser, click the share icon and then scroll to the right in the bottom row. Click on request desktop site.
  4. On Google Chrome, click on the three vertical dots on the top-right and click Request desktop site. If your browser has this feature, you can use the following steps to search by image.
  5. The desktop version of search by image is now available.
  6. Click on the camera icon in the search box and then follow the same steps you used for the desktop version.



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