Home Social Media Snapchat denies Allegations its CEO labeled India as ‘poor’

Snapchat denies Allegations its CEO labeled India as ‘poor’


Snapchat denies Allegations that its CEO Evan Spiegel labeled India as ‘poor’

Fury has boiled amongst social media users from claims by a former Snapchat employee that its CEO dismissed India as a “poor” nation that wasn’t a priority for the app. Although Snapchat firmly declines these allegations. The allegations came up last week when documents from a lawsuit by a former employee against Snapchat’s were made public. The ex-employee is Anthony Pompliano, who was dismissed from the company in 2015 after only three weeks.Among the account of allegations against Snap, Snapchat parent company, Pompliano says that CEO Evan Spiegel once shot down his suggestion to pursue development in particular international markets. Pompliano alleges that Spiegel said Snapchat is “only for wealthy people” and that he didn’t choose to grow in poor nations like India and Spain.”

Snap dismissed the claim as “ridiculous.”Obviously Snapchat is for everybody! It’s readily available worldwide to download free of charge,” a spokesperson mentioned within a statement. “Those words have been crafted by an unhappy former employee. We are grateful for our Snapchat community in India and worldwide.”But reports in regards to the alleged comments spread broadly on social media in India more during the weekend, prompting furious posts from many outraged users on Twitter. A hashtag was even created to #boycottsnapchat. Some users also mobilized people to delete Snapchat from their phones.

A good number of users left scathing reviews of the app in Google Play and Apple’s App Shop.Snapchat tried to hang on by retweeting posts on its official Twitter account from customers who pointed out that Pompliano’s claims had been in dispute.
Snap wasn’t the only company to come fire on social media. Some confused users directed their anger at India‚Äôs online retailer Snapdeal, prompting a response from 1 of the company’s founders.

Snap could do without the damaging onslaught.
It went public in New York early final month. But immediately after an initial leap, its shares are now down greater than 15% from their initially day opening value of $24.
The organization last week agreed to unseal Pompliano’s complaint, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. It attached a notice towards the document denying that Snap executives committed “any on the panoply of alleged terrible acts that litter” the complaint.
“Snap will demonstrate as much at the proper time inside the proper forum,” it said.


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