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Taxi Price Comparisons: Uber, Taxify, Little Cabs and Mondo Ride


Taxi Price Comparisons: Uber, Taxify, Little Cabs and Mondo Ride

Nairobi boasts of being one of the most tech-savvy cities in Africa. And this is evident in the rising number of taxi-hailing companies setting base in the city. The taxi-hailing companies are online based and customers use a mobile application to request a taxi. There are a number of these taxi companies in the city but we will focus on the four major ones; Taxify, Mondo ride, Uber and Little Cabs.

Uber is the biggest taxi hailing company in the world and they came into the Kenyan market in January 2015. It was the first of the four companies to enter the Kenyan market and has arguably been the market leader.

Safaricom in partnership with Craft Silicon a software company launched Little Cabs in July 2016. The entry of Little cabs into the taxi hailing market was the major shakeup of taxi prices in the country. The entry forced Uber to slash their prices by 35%.

Taxify is a taxi hailing company that originates from Estonia. It entered the Kenyan market in July 2016 making Nairobi its second destination in Africa after Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa.

Mondo Ride is a Romania taxi hailing company based in Dubai, UAE. The company started operating in the Kenyan market in January 2016 making Kenya its first location in Africa. The company also offers boda boda rides.

Due to the increase in the number of companies, there have been price wars in the past year and this are the current prices for the four companies;

Little Cabs Sh. 100 Sh. 4 Sh. 30 Sh. 190
Uber Sh. 100 Sh. 3 Sh. 42 Sh. 300
Mondo Ride Sh. 100 Sh. 3 Sh. 30 Sh. 200
Taxify Sh. 75 Sh. 2.3 Sh. 26 Sh. 250

The prices differentials are not very huge but Taxify provides the cheapest rates.

However the decision on which taxi hailing service to use is not only based on the rates provided; customers will also consider the availability, reliability, utility and the price surges of each company.

Which taxi hailing service do you prefer to use?



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