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Use WhatsApp as a Private Store for your Documents

You can now use Whatsapp as a private store for your documents or files.

Discovering a secure place to save files online or send them amongst computers is surprisingly hard. Over at Digital Inspiration, Amit Agarwal utilizes WhatsApp as a clever workaround to store documents via an encrypted connection. You can also do it as well.

WhatsApp makes use of end-to-end encryption and supports two-factor authentication, which makes it among the safest messaging apps around. It’s also packed with a ton of characteristics and you may send files of all sorts through the app. This involves pictures, links, documents, and just about something else. You have most likely figured out exactly where we’re going with this. Using a few actions, you can primarily send files to yourself or create temporary, safe cloud storage making use of WhatsApp.

This isn’t as very simple as just sending a message to yourself, since for whatever logic, you can’t do that with WhatsApp. Instead, you will have to develop a brand new group with a random person, then delete them. It is a dumb workaround. Nevertheless, it performs:

  1. Open WhatsApp and form a brand new group.
  2. Add any random contact in the group. Remember that they’ll get a notification after you do that, so pick somebody who won’t be bugged by the slight annoyance or randomness of this.
  3. Give the group a name and save.
  4. Head back for the group, then proceed to view participants. Tap and hold the single participant and remove them from the group.

Now, you may have an empty group that only consists of you. It is possible to upload files to the group freely and they’re only accessible by you. It is possible to access these files from your phone or in the web app. Sure, you are able always to email yourself files, or simply upload them to a secure cloud storage someplace, but this is a fast, dirty and secure solution to float files about when you want it.

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