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The wait is over; LG G6 is Here


Finally, the LG G6 is here.

With the G6, LG has created a phone that deserves to be in the very same conversation with the Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple iPhone 7, and Google Pixel.
Samsung could have gotten the spotlight last week but it might be LG who will get the very first laugh. Moreover, it is still unclear who will take over the top spot. But for now, LG fans who’ve been drooling over the LG G6 will not wait a great deal longer. LG has announced they will start the rollout of the new LG G6 across the world and in the major markets this week. Its predecessor the G5 was a disaster and we hope that G6 will be better and improved.
This LG G6 has a 5.7” screen, which is bright, sharp and has good color accuracy. While others, like Samsung and Apple, are following shortly, LG correctly kicked off a brand new trend of longer but narrower screens. Even Google has begun advising developers to prepare for this new generation of screens. Naturally, that screen stretches practically to all edges, largely towards the sides, with no going down into curved edge territory.
In comparison with the Galaxy S8, the LG G6 pretty much looks and feels bland.The phone is dust and water resistant and will run on the new version of Android 7.0.
The LG G6 will commence shipping in the US on 7th April. The North American rollout is going to be followed by Asia, Europe, and Central and South America within the coming weeks, with dates depending on the marketplace. Rates may also vary, though the retail price will start at around $650 in the US. The buyers need to note that not all G6’s are produced equal, and some could have functions that other markets will not have, like wireless charging, 32-bit Quad DAC audio, or dual SIM assistance.


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