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What to wear in Job Interviews


Job Interviews can be high-pressure and you will not want to arrive at the office feeling awkward about your outfit.

Your business interview outfit should be a stress-free practical experience, for both you plus the hiring manager. Leaving a lasting constructive impression starts the moment you walk in, beginning with your physical look.

After leaving college, a matching suit was the visit get-up. I wore one to the office every day and had a closet full of a number matching suits. Now, 10+ years later, suits for ladies are neither fashionable nor expected. But, the startup culture has blurred the lines of what precisely business casual signifies. While I don’t miss wearing an equivalent outfit just about every single day, I’ve noticed the anxiety that the vague term “business casual” causes.

Inside the age of startups and young exec teams, job seekers might get the impression that they must not dress professionally, or perhaps that they shouldn’t. I’ve also heard job seekers say that they want to show their casual and easygoing personality via their outfit. In my opinion, expressing a relaxed nature by means of your outfit could be a deal breaker for many hiring managers.

Should you show up in Converse and also a hoodie, you could possibly come off as careless and unprepared. Even when the company’s official dress code maxes out at “wear pants” it is nevertheless greatest to lean on the side of professionalism, specially for interviews.

What specifically is a “professional outfit”?

When interviewing at a mid-range enterprise (i.e. not corporate or super-casual start off up), guys must choose slacks, a blazer, wrinkle-free button-down and leather shoes. No tie required in that instance, but for any corporate atmosphere, a suit and tie is acceptable.

For girls, wearing nice pants or possibly a skirt with a trendy major plus a blazer is an excellent interview outfit. If the weather is warm, a dress which has a reasonable hem length, plus a cardigan or blazer will be acceptable.

In either outfit, go for the closed toe shoe, preferably a classic pump over boots or flats. Flip flops and open-toed footwear straight away downgrade the professionalism of your outfit – yes, even if you just had a mani-pedi!

Dressing for Success

This is very critical, dressing for success can get a job seeker into their A-game mindset even prior to pitching themselves to a hiring manager. Opting for an extra casual outfit might do more than show your hiring manager a certain amount of professionalism, it might lead you to feel too carefree.

Word option and tone can influence hiring decisions. I am a complete believer that donning your most effective blazer can basically aid you keep in mind to reduce out the “um’s” or “likes” and amp up your confident tone.

There will be an abundance of time after onboarding to ask detailed questions about what attire is expected for day-to-day work. At that point, it becomes suitable to scope out what your fellow co-workers are wearing, and match their style.

Nonetheless not sure what to wear?

When you are actually unsure about what to wear for an interview, you can let a contact person in the organization you’re interviewing with know what you are going to put on, and ask if they expect something more. And don’t bug them with many queries; it will be most effective to add this when you are confirming the time and location in the interview.

Also, do not ask what to put on. Rather, say anything along the lines of, “Looking forward to seeing you at the workplace tomorrow at 2pm. I’m going to dress professionally, let me know if there’s a diverse expectation!”

Hiring managers appreciate when candidates are well prepared, and respectful of their course of action. In the event you are not certain you want to e-mail, go for the professional outfit.


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